Bringing Ancient Sparta back to life

For more than 2200 years the glory of the city state of Sparta does not shine

Temples demolished… statues broken down , their heads stolen…

Inscriptions buried, and then taken away…reliefs lost..

The museum of Sparta , up to 1890 had more than 1600 artifacts in its collection…. Now less than 5% remain, some were taken in the German occupation of 1945,the majority lost before the 2nd world war…

Yet, somehow, they remain within our cultural grasp, thanks to the effort of a German Gentleman of the 19th century, who saved them for posterity by drawing them in a book.

And that is all that remains of them.

It has come into our possession this book.

We present to you the authentic collection of the 19th century of the Spartan Museum, along with the rare collection of the Doric Rhythm, with ancient Spartan artifacts, and ask for your donation in reestablishing the glory of the real Sparta.